Often times, young athletes are rushed into playing games, games, and more games too early in their development as a basketball player.

This is not beneficial to improving an athletes' overall skill-set!

RESULTS Basketball Coaches are strong believers that the fundamentals of basketball should first be taught, encouraging players to LEARN how to properly execute skills.

Next, the players should take time to PRACTICE those skills individually and/or with coaches and teammates. Once a player has spent time practicing to improve their skill set, the player can then take the opportunity to PLAY organized games. Games should be played for the sake of competing against opposing players that challenge you to elevate your skills to a competitive level & speed in order to SUCCEED.




This is how it all began.

In 2011, our coaches ran their first clinic under the name RESULTS Basketball at George Stevens Academy. Since then, they have hosted over 50 clinics all over the state of Maine. We schedule clinics starting in October through the entire basketball season and accomodate boys & girls of all ages and ability levels.

Read more for upcoming event dates and locations throughout the entire state of Maine!


RESULTS Basketball offers hoop clinics, summer camps, and private skills training. Operated by Mark Baxter & Matt MacKenzie, RESULTS' coaches have years of experience coaching basketball at the middle school, high school, and collegiate level. These public school teachers have vast knowledge of the game and the ability to breakdown and "teach" the fundamental skills to players of all abilities!



RESULTS Basketball coaches take a lot of pride in helping young basketball players achieve their goals. Both Coach MacKenzie and Coach Baxter currently train between 20-25 players year-round on a week to week basis. Private skills training offers players very structured, instructional practice sessions accompanied with weekly goals, workout plans, and constant feedback regarding a player's progress! Read more to find out how you can train with our coaches!


In the summer, you can find RESULTS Basketball in a different Maine community every week! In partnership with recreation departments, boys & girls clubs, and YMCA facilities, we offer week-long co-ed day camps all summer long! We have had the opportunity to spend time in many beautiful parts of the state and work with thousands of hard-working young basketball players! We're always looking to build, so contact us if you're interested in having us come to you! See below for upcoming events!










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